Monday, February 14, 2011

What Danny wouldn't do

Andrew Sarris in "You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet": The American Talking Film / History and Memory 1927-1949 discusses actresses tested for the part of the second Mrs. de Winter in Rebecca. Margaret Sullavan was among them.

"Margaret Sullavan was too assured, too confident, for the part of a socially intimidated bride hopelessly out of her depth. She would have had Judith Anderson's Mrs. Danvers doing windows in no time flat."

Note: Sarris, in the same book, mentions a radio version of Rebecca in which Sullavan did play the second Mrs. de Winter.


  1. A brilliant quote. I don't know if Joan Fontaine's performance in Rebecca was great acting, but it was certainly flawless casting.

  2. MM: Yes on the Sarris quote and on your comment about Fontaine. Sarris has been a long time (40 plus year) influence. His prose can vary from brilliant -- to leaving me stumbling around language sites. Thank you for visiting. Best. Gerald.

  3. I love this quote. It's true! I felt the same way about Vivien Leigh wanting the part. She could never pretend to be that insecure. Her screen test proved that.

  4. Hello KC: I have seen the Vivien Leigh test and I agree with you. But if Margaret Sullavan wanted to spend some time around my flat at that time, I would have done all the windows. Thank you. Gerald