Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vere Hodgson (one): on Citizen Kane

But then again, during those years, Vere Hodgson did have German bombers with which to contend. Three postings on the good Miss Hodgson and her Few Eggs and No Oranges will follow in days to come.


  1. How interesting that it was already "one of those old classic films".
    Adds further weight to my contention that the break between the thirties and forties, culturally speaking, was as complete and important as the transition into the fifties or the sixties.
    Yet we tend to think of thirties and forties movies, or thirties and forties music, as one thing. They are entirely different, and instantly distinguishable. Why they should be blurred in the popular imagination in a way that no other two decades in the century are is mysterious to me.

    You have me intrigued by Miss Hodgson, and I look forward greatly to her future dispatches.

  2. Matthew:

    Vere’s “one of those old classic films” quote certainly does jump out: after a two year gap. But you certainly took it to a much more interesting level. Thirties compared culturally to forties? Different galaxies. Distinctly and immensely different. Easier for me, perhaps, because I was a boy in the 1940s. To my parents, at that time, the thirties were recent yesterdays. But their reflections on their past seemed to show a much different time than I perceived. Different filters. Why do so many not distinguish now? Lacking knowledge of, or being disinterested in history for starters. I see evidence of that too close to home – and only one generation removed.

    I came across Vere’s book about thirty years ago, shelved it for years and dipped into it later by accident. I revere this book, as does my wife. We have since traipsed the streets above Holland Park looking for Vere’s residences, workplace and haunts, many of which still exist. Alas, my abysmal lack of knowledge of British architectural periods makes location identification a problem. Her film excursions and comments were beyond secondary to her, but of interest to us.

    (The fifties / sixties split was cosmic, yet being of the former, I despise the way many portray us as having been innocent and unenlightened. It suits their recent causes most likely. I lived through some 3,652 days in the fifties – and it sure as hell was not like that. Fonzie goes to the diner. No thanks. But that’s a dog for another hunt.) Best. Gerald