Sunday, June 20, 2010

The View from Afar 7

We Live Again nee Resurrection aka Resurrezione

So, Sam Goldwyn wants to spice up Resurrection, a Tolstoy novel, for Anna Sten. He eventually hires a multitude of writers to adapt, rework, restructure, or retell the tale. Within that group was Preston Sturges at $1,500 a week. For a while, Goldwyn liked Sturges’s “snappy nineteenth century dialogue” but after a while asked “When can we get rid of this Sturgeon fella?”

The writers came and went, and Fredric March, though reluctant to appear second billed to somebody named Anna Sten, joined the project. It was renamed We Live Again but when released, died quickly. Goldwyn later told George Cukor “The public stayed away in droves.” (The film has rarely been resurrected.)

(Summarized from A. Scott Berg’s Goldwyn: a Biography. I love this book.)

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