Friday, June 18, 2010

Words and Images 38

Anna Sten … ever at sea.

So, Sam Goldwyn solicits Cole Porter to write two songs for Anna Sten in Nana. (But icebergs are not easily transformed into songbirds.) Mr. Porter regrets – but does include Ms. Sten in a refrain from Anything Goes.

A note: A. Scott Berg has an excellent account of the Goldwyn/Sten relationship in his Goldwyn: a Biography. And he covers the Porter connection. I remember singing this refrain when young -- there was a time when smart lyrics found their way into the mouths of children on the streets.

An afterword: Click here to listen to Cole Porter singing the lyrics to Anything Goes. The Anna Sten reference occurs near the end -- at about 2:17.


  1. Another star on a ship! That Porter lyric is hilarious. I've never heard that one before.

  2. Thank you KC. Yes, I have a thing about ships, even if it has to include the “General Slocum”. I remember the old Cole Porter song from my youth – but was I was reminded of it recently when reading A. Scott Berg’s “Goldwyn: a Biography”. Berg told the story about Goldwyn and Sten and how the lyric came about. Best.


  3. KC I had never heard that Porter lyric. And Gordon thanks for the response to my Donna Reed post. But just to clarify that is not my writings on her bio. That one was done on IMDB and I just copied and pasted it to my blog. I guess I should have wrote a disclaimer or something. But it's fine. Glad you responded so passionately. I will use this as a learning experience and note things like that when I post something on my blog. Talk to ya later.

  4. Thank you Monty for your thoughtful and gracious response to my comment elsewhere.

    I hope you took the link and actually heard Cole Porter sing the lyrics – a joy to the ear and the mind. Will continue checking your blog daily. I like the energy you bring to your site – not an easy task, particularly on a daily basis. Best,

    Gordon (or Gerald)