Monday, June 14, 2010

Words and Images 37


  1. And let us not forget Mrs Warren upstairs...
    I know EB is a favourite of yours, this is one of my favourite of her performances.
    (My favourite of all is probably Miss Spinney, especially for the final scene, and her warm rapport with Cecil Kellaway.)

  2. Dear Matthew:

    Yes, Ethel is to me what Jennie was to Eben. And I have likely mentioned before that Ethel’s role in “Portrait of Jennie” is closer to that of Pamela Brown’s Catriona in “I Know Where I am Going” than one might think. I found an interesting quote about Cecil Kellaway in Lana Turner’s book which I will use one of these days. Lana is not even on my very long list of screen goddesses but the quote shows Kellaway in a good light.
    And you are right, of course, about Ethel in “Spiral Staircase” -- descending on the George Brent character with the ferocity of an angel dispatched from the heavens.

    Best …….. Gerald