Friday, July 23, 2010

New York Stories 2

David McCullough recounts in People Books and Book People a tale Peter De Vries has told about himself. One time apparently, Mr. De Vries was hungover, ashen pale, and in dire need of a pick-me-up.

He headed to a renowned New York bar, noted for its cocktails and asked the bartender “Do you serve Zombies?” To which the bartender responded: “Yes sir, what would you like …? "


  1. My first laugh of the day! Thank you :-)

  2. Good one!!! Ha!

    Very nice looking blog here, Mr. Pasha. Some great images on display for sure. I'll certainly be back.

    -Sam Juliano

  3. KC:

    Thank you KC. I just came across this while reading McCullough’s book. The advantage of having a venue such as this is the ability to share such when found. It took a long while to find just the right picture. Best.



    Thank you for coming by – and I am pleased that you enjoyed the De Vries anecdote. I have been following the interaction of you and your colleagues on Goodfella’s (and occasionally commenting). I particularly enjoy the civility surrounding the knowledgeable exchanges. Best.