Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Film Makers 3: Scorsese on Powell

A master discovers a masterpiece

Criterion Collection’s I Know Where I’m Going! contains a thirty minute documentary titled I Know Where I’m Going! Revisited. Within it, Martin Scorsese recounts his first encounter with the film.

As he was just about to begin shooting Raging Bull, he came into possession of a video cassette of I Know Where I’m Going! (Video cassette technology was new at that time.) He watched the film, apparently not alone, for when he described the experience he used the collective "we."

Martin stated that one of the few films he hadn’t seen was I Know Where I’m Going! (One assumes he meant of the Powell/Pressburger films.)

“We watched this film which we fell totally in love with, and it was such an incredible ... uh ... quote, discovery, unquote. Other people knew about it. I didn’t. And I remember a few months later seeing Michael again and saying "Hey, I just saw a new masterpiece.”

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