Sunday, September 11, 2011

Laszlo’s on Lex: closing time

It was Friday night; they usually closed slightly later to get the last minute business that was still straggling up from downtown. Instead of closing at nine, Ilsa was running an hour late. But now, her final tasks done, she looked around for the last time. Everything was in order. The transition had gone smoothly.

Ilsa looked out the large store window -- the reverse image of the letters always amused her. She threw the main switch, picked up the package she had put together for a light supper. Fish cakes, of course. She smiled and thought of those Fridays of yesterday. It was early January and the streets still had scattered mounds of that dirty snow made more unsightly by the endless stream on buses on this major avenue.

Ilsa Lund Laszlo opened the door, passed through it, turned and locked each lock carefully. She had left the neat printed sign, inside, hanging from a strong cord in the door window. Laszlo’s on Lex -- Closed.


  1. Beautiful.
    Closed, perhaps, but never forgotten.


  2. Absolutely lovely. I was so very sorry to learn of Gerald's death via Movietone News. He sent me some really wonderful emails and blog comments about classic movies and always had the most interesting stories to tell. I will really miss his posts and hearing from him.

    Sending sincere condolences and best wishes to his wife, family and friends,

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  3. Thank you Gerald for all the good times here at Laszlo's.

  4. ...So saddened to hear of Gerald's passing... a true artist in this realm, with unique stories and perspectives of the days of yesteryear we all love and long for...

    Thank you, in peace.

    Jeff Walker

  5. Gerald left me an especially touching note last Veteran's Day that I've never forgotten.

    Thank you, Gerald.

    Best wishes to the family,


  6. I missed him over the past few months and now I'll miss him always. Happy trails Gerald. Thanks for sharing your warm spirit with us.

  7. Good night and good luck, Gerald. Thank you for enthusiasm and inspiration. Ironically, I just wrote about Casablanca today - the day I discover this moving and yet unfortunate notice.

    We'll always have Laszlo's on Lex.