Thursday, January 20, 2011

Words and Images 55


  1. Fay Bainter is hilarious in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Even the understated scene of the mom forcing her adult son to drink warm milk at night has me doubled over laughing.

    I must watch that film again.

    The Screen Guild radio version of the film doesn't focus on the mother as much, for the sake of time, but it's still funny.

    Danny Kaye and Virginia Mayo reprise thier roles in the 11/03/1947 broadcast here:

  2. Thank you Java. A lifelong favorite, not to say infatuation. I did a posting on her recently but was not satisfied with it. My path first crossed with Fay Bainter when I was ten and she was around fifty. Then, as I have said elsewhere, it was like some reverse "Portrait of Jennie." When I finally caught up with her earlier films, she became younger as I became older. I will listen to the broadcast in reasonably near future. Best. Gerald.