Friday, August 13, 2010

Like Unto 9 (Like Unto 2 redux)


  1. Still confused! Richard Wordsworth in The Quatermass Experiment, and the church from Man Who Knew Too Much - yes?

  2. Dear Matthew:

    Alas, I realize now that I unintentionally misled you. I wanted two images to reflect the confusion of Dr. McKenna in “The Man Who Knew Too Much.” The connection in the Like Unto was that each played a role in the movie.

    St Saviour’s Church Hall in Brixton played Ambrose Chapel.

    Richard Wordsworth played Ambrose Chappell (actually Ambrose Chappell Jr.), the taxidermist.

    Finding the image of the church was easy. Finding a neutral image of Wordsworth proved more difficult. I could not find an image from the actual film but found one that somewhat resembled the way Wordsworth looked in his role in the Hitchcock film. (The two films were only a year or so apart.) I did not mean the Quatermass connection to mislead.

    I did the reissue because I remenber you commenting on it in the past and I wanted a posting for Hitchcock’s birthday. To celebrate, my wife and I watched both the Ambrose movie and a personal favorite “The Trouble with Harry” (my two Mildred movie). Best. Gerald