Monday, April 5, 2010

Words and Images 25

Click here to see James Woods commenting on Bette Davis


  1. ...she was great! Hard to argue that she wasn't the best ever... I still need to catch up on her movies... heck, I still haven't seen 'Now, Voyager!' It is definitely an 'essential', from what I have heard... would have been neat to see Bette and Ginger in a movie together, not sure how that would have played out, but would have been entertaining, for sure!


  2. Thank you VKMfan. You likely know better than I about Ginger coveting the role of Charlotte Vale. It would have been interesting to see Ginger made up for the “ugly duckling” sequences early in film. And she could have worked with Gladys Cooper again. I envy your not having yet seen “Voyager.” Imagine the first time.

    I suspect, too, you know the source of the James Woods quote but for those who have not seen it, I added the link at the tail end of the posting. (I am still in the rudimentary stage of learning to code imbedded links.) We leave in a week but will post from afar and follow yours and others. Best.